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So Many New Threats To Worry About

What happens when your computer starts to act slowly or not operate at all? If you are like the most of us you immediately think “oh great…I have a virus”. The truth is that a virus is not the only impending threat to your operating system. There is a whole industry out there of dubious

Network Virus and Malware

The name of the game in today’s world is speed. In an attempt to produce higher speed broadband connections to beat out the competition, many organizations do not effectively protect the internet connections. This leaves the system open to hackers and unauthorized users which is a risky endeavor. It leaves the system vulnerable to the

Android Leaving You Exposed

It would be naive to believe that virus activity would be limited only to personal computers. It was just a matter of time before all devices that carry pertinent information became target. The Android has not escaped cyber attacks. Virus and Malware software, once it contaminates an operating system, sole purpose is to reach out

How To Remove A Virus From Your USB

Technology is a necessary evil. We can’t live without it, but we can’t seem to keep it in working order. Keeping them free from those nasty viruses that not only affect our ability to use our technology, but also threatens that data contained on it, is no easy endeavor. Most of us have already realized

BitDefender 2013 review

What Does BitDefender Have On Its Competition? The new version of BitDefender, BitDefender 2013, has significant changes from the previous model. Being the first to release their new version, they had a lot to prove. Although overall, the appearance of the design changed very little, the changes are evident in many other areas. Pros of

Kaspersky 2013 review

What Kaspersky Have That Its Competitors Does Not The new release of Kaspersky 2013 scores high on testing, but is it better than the competition? With so many competing software packages, it is hard to know which one to chose. Promising to outperform the competitors, it fell just short of the mark to be the

Eset Smart Security review

Eset’s New Smart Security system is quite a step up from its previous version. Although still not among the very best, the new system has a lot to offer and tested better than in previous years. What it does better The interface ability is much improved. It is able to not only detect, but to

Norton Internet Security review

Norton Internet Security All Hype Or Worth The Praise? Norton Antiviral software continues to lead the pack in antiviral software. As one the very first creators of antiviral software, it has maintained its status as a well-worth-the-money protector of files and data. Is it really worth the hype, or is it just existing on its

Protection from Cell Phone Viruses

What To Do When Your Suspect Your Cell Phone Has A Virus Many of us use our smartphones and cell phones more often than we do our computer, and load it with more personal data than we stop to consider. A cell phone has become more of a map of our personal life, our transactions,

Protect Your Computer from Viruses, Malware and Spyware

Like not wanting a drink of water until the water is shut off, you have no idea how important your computer, or the information on it, is until something happens. Most of us store years worth of data, photos and information on our hard drives. When we lose the information, it can be devastating. If