How To Remove A Virus From Your USB

How To Remove A Virus From Your USB

usb virus removalTechnology is a necessary evil. We can’t live without it, but we can’t seem to keep it in working order. Keeping them free from those nasty viruses that not only affect our ability to use our technology, but also threatens that data contained on it, is no easy endeavor. Most of us have already realized that protecting our computer from viruses is essential, but going on to protect our other devices seems like overkill. That is, until one of our other devices fall victim. If you are not protecting all of your devices, you are leaving yourself open to some substantial loss. What happens when your USB is infected and how do you remove it? Easy as pie

If you have noticed that your USB is not working properly, it is possible that it has a virus contained on its operating system. The ways that you can remove a virus from your USB are:

  • Reformatting your USB from the factory settings
  • Plugging it into your computer and utilize the antivirus contained on it
  • Manually remove the virus through commands

If you have information on the USB that can not be erased, and do not have AntiViral software on your computer, manually imputing the following steps can restore your USB to working order:

  • Got to start and click on run in the menu. Enter cmd to get the command prompt
  • Once the prompt appears move to the USB drive
  • Type attrib -r -a -s -h *.* press enter
  • Delete the files using the command del filename

Your USB should now be clear and free of any virus contained on it.