Useful Info on Viruses

So Many New Threats To Worry About

What happens when your computer starts to act slowly or not operate at all? If you are like the most of us you immediately think “oh great…I have a virus”. The truth is that a virus is not the only impending threat to your operating system. There is a whole industry out there of dubious

Network Virus and Malware

The name of the game in today’s world is speed. In an attempt to produce higher speed broadband connections to beat out the competition, many organizations do not effectively protect the internet connections. This leaves the system open to hackers and unauthorized users which is a risky endeavor. It leaves the system vulnerable to the

Android Leaving You Exposed

It would be naive to believe that virus activity would be limited only to personal computers. It was just a matter of time before all devices that carry pertinent information became target. The Android has not escaped cyber attacks. Virus and Malware software, once it contaminates an operating system, sole purpose is to reach out