Protection from Cell Phone Viruses

Protection from Cell Phone Viruses

What To Do When Your Suspect Your Cell Phone Has A Virus

android virusMany of us use our smartphones and cell phones more often than we do our computer, and load it with more personal data than we stop to consider. A cell phone has become more of a map of our personal life, our transactions, our daily moves and all of our financial information, than just a device to talk through. When it breaks, or we misplace it, it is devastating. Not only an inconvenience, the potential that all that information about us could end up in the wrong hands, is a scary prospect. Just as scary is something that we rarely think about, and that is the potential of contracting a virus on your smartphone. It is possible for your phone to be downloaded with a virus that can not only corrupt your phone all together, it can leave it vulnerable to disseminating your information to those who wish to do you harm.

How do you know if your phone has a virus

mobile securityA cyber virus works on your operating system just like a cold virus works on your body. It is an invading object that hides in your data and files undetected. Its sole purpose is to spread as quickly as possible without being detected. That is why viruses are able to cause so much damage. By the time they are detected, they have pretty much corrupted everything in their wake.

There are many avenues through which your smartphone can contract a virus. Those ways keep expanding as the creators become more creative. The main ways are through download on the internet, downloading from another device, or corrupt emails or messaging. You will not even know that you have downloaded the harmful virus until it has had time to do its work. Many of us unwittingly open emails that contain viruses, and with the mobile technology now available on our smart phones, it is corrupting these devices as well. Every internet site that you frequent has the potential to have an imbedded virus as well. The creators have become very good at masking viruses so that we have no idea that any danger exists when we are viewing a website.

How to detect and or remove a virus on your mobile cell phone

skulls virusWhen your phone has a virus you will not detect it until it has affected your operating system. If you notice a virus on your phone you are able to restore the phone to its factory settings which should undo any damage. If, however, you have not backed up the data sufficiently, you will lose any new data. The best way to combat the virus is by purchasing, and downloading, one of the many antiviral software programs available specifically for your cellphone. They are the best way, not only to remove the corruption within the system, but they will keep your cellphone safe from further viruses being able to inundate your system. Make sure to do your research, however, they are not all the same, nor do they do the same efficient job. The best defense is offense. By downloading the appropriate software you will be able to stop the virus before it touches your system. By all means, being careful about the sites you are viewing, and the emails you are opening, it is the best way to protect yourself overall.